A rebus is a puzzle game in which pictures are used to represent words, and when added or subtracted from each other, create hidden words or phrases. Some are very easy, others are more challenging.

Here’s a simple rebus below. Can you solve it?

It’s easy! When you’re ready to play the game, have your guests break up into teams of two or three. It’s fun to mix spouses and partners on different teams. Hand out answer sheets (included) and pens or pencils to each team and have them leave the room(s) in which you will be posting the puzzle sheets.

This will give you a few minutes to post the puzzles all around the house without the guests seeing them until the game begins.

Once all puzzles are stuck on walls, doors, windows, etc. (non-marring, peel-off sticky “dots” included), you can let everyone in and the game begins. Immediately, your guests are engaged in the game, and the fun and laughter go through the roof!

It usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes for the first team to complete all the puzzles, at which point a few others will probably be right behind, and you call “5-minute warning.”

When the game is called, you go around and take down all the puzzles. One-by-one, you hold up the puzzles, ask how many people got that one right, then explain the answer. You won’t believe how competitive people get! The laughter, moans and cheering go crazy! It’s a riot! They’ll talk about this game and your party for years!

Rebus Riot Puzzle Games